New Arrivals: FS700 and Odyssey 7Q Recorder/Monitor


We’ve got some exciting new additions to our camera lineup but we’re most excited about the arrival of our new Sony NEX-FS700. While this camera has been out for over a year now, firmware and hardware updates have had time to be released enabling a myriad of new functions to the FS700 including the ability to shoot in 4k Raw @ a continuous 60 fps or 120fps in burst mode. While the FS700 is more widely known for its ability to shoot at a buttery smooth 240fps in 2k, this function only becomes available with an external recorder.


This is where the Odyssey Recorder comes in. With its integrated monitor, the 7Q compared to Sony’s own IFR-5 Recorder has the added benefit of shaving off weight and bulk off the rig enabling it to be more compact for whenever the need for a shoulder/ hand held shot arises. While this isn’t the most scientifically accurate size comparison between the two recorders, you can gauge from the photos below just how much of a difference this could potentially make. The body is almost an exact clone of the older FS-100 so anyone familiar with that camera will feel right at home with it’s younger, more able-bodied brother.

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 10.12.26 AMO7QBracket1


While the camera stumbles a bit in low light, its ability to shoot continuous 2k footage at 240fps allows the user to do what they can’t on other mid level professional cameras. Another thing to be weary of is the slight bit of aliasing that is introduced while shooting at the highest frame rate. I wouldn’t go as far as saying these are shortcomings: more so tiny nuances that are eclipsed by the camera’s unique features. The built in ND filters and insane frame rate should keep this setup as the go to choice for anyone doing sport/outdoor shooting or anywhere the high fps required/desired.

We now have both the FS700 with EF mount for Canon glass and the 7Q External recorder available for rent at Studio B Rentals. Call today to reserve a camera package!

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