Newtek Tricaster 460



The Tricaster 460 is the ideal tool for live edits, web-streaming, and perfecting your production workflow to minimize time in setup and post.

Produce a 4-camera show with layered video, real-time compositions, and multiple submixes that give the look of adding 4 other switchers into the stream. Deliver multi-channel media with simultaneous streaming and social media publishing. Record every feed for later remixing, sweetening, or just fixing mistakes—but leave the expensive, extraneous decks, encoders, and other superfluous gear for others to set up and take down while you’re on the move.

Rental comes with 21″ monitor, two internal hard drives, all necessary cabling and accessories, and Clearcom headsets for on-set communication.


$650 a day (or weekend)
Newtek-Certified Operators available as well!

  • Video-Switcher
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