Crew Services Gig: Tesla Music Video Shoot


(above) Studio B grip Enrique Escudero wrangles cables for DP Mike Epple in front of the band Tesla.

Here at Studio B Films, we’re often asked to provide extra crew members to help out on clients’ shoots. Whether it’s just a single videographer or a full crew with jobs ranging from steadicam op to stylist to DP, we hire the best in the bay and coordinate everything on our end.

At the beginning of the month, director Kevin J Custer called in about an upcoming shoot he had with the band Tesla. With Tesla’s new album on the way, he needed to rent a full production package of equipment, five crew members, and find the perfect location for their new music video– all within a week. We locked down the best talent (DP, gaffer, grip, PA, and hair/makeup), prepped all of the gear they would need for the shoot in a production van, and after some searching, were able to secure a corner of the American Steel Studios warehouse in Oakland for a day.


(above) Director Kevin J Custer observes the scene on one of our Panasonic 17″ monitors.

(below) DP Mike Epple flies one of our Canon C300’s on a Dana Dolly.


(below) Mike and the C300 on a Porta-Jib Traveller, framed in the background by a 6×6′ silk and frame.


Check out BAM Magazine’s article here about the band and their music video shoot, including more pictures from the production.

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